I will  keep my explanations as simple as possible, but if you desire a more complex explanation you can email me or perhaps talk to me as I do include my contact phone number.

Artist’s Statement

I see humanistic qualities within the surfaces created by implosion on the skins of my sculptures.

I make Fine Art Implosion sculptures using both Atmospheric and Hydraulic pressure in the shaping process but my desire is not to make any part of process easy I want difficulty in the creation of my works.  That is why I use very thin metals that warp as soon as I start to apply heat to join them together - difficult but not impossible...the reason I do this is that very thin metal bends under pressure much better than thick metal.

The Hydraulic implosion process is new and allows me to use much higher pressure on the skins of my works with what I hope will be greater artistic expression and control. Although this is very much in the testing phase as of the summer 2014.




Atmospheric Implosion Sculptor